Tips for a Great Custom Shirt

Posted by Vicki Jones on

For the best custom shirt for your team consider these tips:

  • for team logos we use a transfer as the logo will be crisp and clean and last.  It is applied with our state of the art equipment so it will not peel!  We trim all the edges so it looks great and doesn't make the shirt too hot or uncomfortable
  • we also screen print, but its not really cost effective for teams with less than 25 shirts.  If you are interested in this please drop us a line and we can chat!
  • if you use one of our logos the art is already ready to print.  If you use your own logo that is great will take us a bit of extra time to clean up your art to ensure that it prints crisp and perfect!
  • don't worry if you logo has a background.  When we clean up your art will will always remove backgrounds so the shirts look amazing.
  • if we see an issue with your design we will let you know and work with you to get the best shirt for your team.

Note that when we print a logo on a dark colored shirt (black, navy etc), in order to get the best look we apply a pre-treatment on the shirt.  Once the shirt is complete, the pre-treatment may create a bit of discoloration on the shirt....but don't wash and it will totally disappear!